Mediterranean Thematic Centre


The Mediterranean Thematic Centre (MTC) promotes the study of biodiversity and ecological processes at ecosystem level. It brings together biodiversity data, abiotic data and ecological descriptors at the same spatial and functional scale. The structure of the MTC is based on a network of institutions that make it possible to tackle several topics, a wide range of organisms and long-term data series, focusing on basic questions of biodiversity and ecosystem changes. The sites of the Italian Long-Term Ecological Research network (LTER-Italy) ensure the continuous provision and maintenance of long-term series of field- and nature-based biodiversity and ecosystem data. The MTC will promote tools, services and case studies to investigate the relationship between biodiversity and the environment.

Long-term goals

1. The goal of the Mediterranean Thematic Centre is to propose and coordinate case studies of biodiversity and ecosystems (tackling biodiversity loss, climate change, anthropic pressures, ecosystem protection, changes in ecosystem processes), assessing the interaction between biotic and abiotic data.

2. The Mediterranean Thematic Centre focuses on the implementation of interoperability tools for the consultation of data on abiotic variables at all levels, interacting with the other Thematic Centres and with the ICT Working Group, promoting and supporting services for the study of biodiversity.

3. The Thematic Centre will implement the habitat-oriented species database set up in the framework of the Alien Species Showcase (see below), providing tools for ecological analyses, increasing the homogeneity of the data (distribution, taxonomy, and historical series) and providing new insights for the scientific community interested in the study of biodiversity at all levels.

4. Moreover, the Thematic Centre will implement and update an Alien Species Portal as part of the Showcase, by creating fact sheets on alien species (metadata, distribution, occurrence, invasiveness etc.).

5. In addition, the Thematic Centre will support the ceation of an Abiotic Data Catalogue as an interoperability service supporting the Interactive Species Catalogue.