Start Up

The Italian scientific community will be integrated with the LifeWatch Infrastructure by involving it in the construction of the infrastructure itself and by encouraging it to actively take advantage of the tools it provides. To this end, the Mediterranean Thematic Centre will:

» Inform the stakeholders (Scientific Societies, Federations, Associations, Research Councils and Data provider platforms interested in biodiversity and ecosystems) about the availability of biotic and abiotic diversity databases hosted by the LifeWatch infrastructure;

» Test the availability of ontologies and reference standards for data providers, amending and adapting them, developing new ontologies when necessary and supplying services to external data providers;

» Develop and maintain an Abiotic Database Catalogue containing most of the abiotic data resources available on the web. The catalogue will include analysis tools for the integration of biodiversity data with abiotic data;

» Develop connections with the LTER-Italy network, whose sites will contribute to the provision and maintenance of long-term biodiversity and ecosystem data series.