ICT tools & Services

1. The Alien Species Virtual Lab (AS_lab), developed in cooperation with the LifeWatch Service Centre and all the Thematic Centres to produce a virtual environment for the management and analysis of data. The virtual lab provides a shared resource available to researchers involved in the Alien Species showcase. The data collected within the Virtual Lab has enabled the creation of a database with more than 32,000 records of species occurrence from 334 sites, both aquatic (sea, lagoon and freshwater) and terrestrial (from coastal dunes up to mountain habitats), most of them belonging to the LTER-Italy network.

The Virtual Lab has the potential to be further developed within the LTER-Italy network and the the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) into a larger species cadastre, including ecological traits.

2. The Abiotic Data Catalogue, containing most of the abiotic data resources available on the web. The catalogue will include analysis tools for the integration of biodiversity data with abiotic data.