ICT tools & Services

Finalised ICT tools and services include:

1. The Phyto-Bioimaging portal, containing tools for taxonomic classification and morphometric analysis of phytoplankton. 

2. The Circlemednet platform, the largest DataBase on Mediterranean and Black Sea lagoons with abiotic and biotic data on 635 georeferenced lagoons in 17 countries. 

ICT tools and services are being in implemented collaboration with the Working Group ICT include:

3.CompilationoftheEuropeanDrupal Ecological Information Management System (DEIMS), developed by the Life+EnvEurope project for the LTER-Europe community, with detailed metadata describing datasets on species' functional traits and ecological niches.

4. Compilation of a registry on the model of the BioCatalogue, developed by the project of the same name, with information on the tools and services provided by existing functional trait databases in order to access, discover and

5. Standards and ontologies specifically designed to harmonise and integrate scientific data on phytoplankton functional traits.