Through ICT, tools and resources, LifeWatch provides new growth opportunities for research into biodiversity and ecosystems: 

• connects research data providers and users following an open access politcy;

• makes available virtual labs fully customizable for researcher's own needs; 

• builds tools to enhance all data types avaialble online, in particular those related to species functional traits, their interactions and the role played inside their own community; 

• creates specific programmes and training opportunity for young researchers.



LifeWacth belives that biodiversity is a common good, and everyone has to have access to information and participate to increase knowledge in this field. LifeWatch aims at raising people's awareness of the importance of biodiversity scientific research, making its own knowoledge  available to society for citizens' well-being.

• develops citizen science initiatives to involve citizens in research priority setting and activities; 

• provides tools and resources for the inclusion of ecology and biodiversity into school programmes.



Through the development of web-services, specific Virtual Research Environment and the provision of report, guide lines and decision making support systems, LifeWatch suppports institutions in biodiversity and ecosystems' health management, through action plans based on scientific knowledge, strategies and approaches, able to effectively tackle today's society challenges.



LifeWatch promotes the development of startegies supporting effectively key social and economic sectors:

• Agriculture, through Virtual Research Environments customised to tackle those issues and emergenicies typical of agro-ecosystems exposed to antropic pressures;

• Fisehry, through databases, data analysis and modelling tools and services to empower responsible fishery;

• Tourism, through apps and interfaces making LifeWatch's knowledge on ecosystems avaialble to tourists and entrepreneurs;

• Education and training, through specific study programmes, e-training opportunities and tools for schools, able to mix ecology and ICT for next generation students.