High-tech LifeWatch observatory unravels marine life in North Sea

LifeWatch Belgium, as a part of the European LifeWatch infrastructure, can be considered as a virtual laboratory for biodiversity research. With the support of Flanders to LifeWatch, VLIZ has a.o. developed a Marine Observatory. It aims to collect scientific data with innovative technology in an automated manner, and to make these data freely avail...

MSA-PAD: High accuracy DNA Multiple Sequence Alignments Guided by Protein Domains

Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) is one of the critical challenges of bioinformatics as it represents a key step in sequence analysis applications such as phylogeny inference, population genetics and comparative genomics. These applications are considered of paramount importance in molecular biodiversity studies, mainly because their results are d...

Opportunità CNR ISMAR

Il CNR ISMAR ha lanciato il bando di selezione AS 04-2018 ISMAR VE per il conferimento un assegno di Tipologia a, Assegni di ricerca "professionalizzanti", per lo svolgimento di attività di ricerca nell'ambito dei programmi MED-PHAROS4MPAs (Blue Economy and Marine Conservation: Safeguarding Mediterranean MPAs in order to achieve Good Environme...

LifeWatchGreece in EU Parliament: CDB Sustainable Ocean Initiative

LifeWatchGreece in the European Parliament: CDB Sustainable Ocean Initiative. Fostering dialogue for the sustainable use of fisheries resources.

Opportunity for research visits @ EU LTER sites

The eLTER H2020 project offers researchers funded access to nine European long-term ecosystem research sites. The related TA call is currently open for applications and will close on 11 March 2018. For full details, see the European LTER website: