freshwater mollusk research & conservation in the Old and New World


Freshwater mollusk research & conservation

Bridging the gap between freshwater mollusk research and conservation in the Old and New World

Conservation of freshwater mollusks is essential to maintain the important ecosystem functions and services they provide. Nonetheless, they are at risk as evidenced by their rapid and extensive global decline due to multiple causes, mainly of anthropic origin. Conservation strategies to stop this negative trend and maximize current biodiversity are urgently needed but are hampered by the lack of key information. The Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society (FMCS) can be a reference for everyone but, to date, the Society is primarily serving members in the United States and Canada. This recognition prompted the idea of expanding the Society's role on other continents, starting in Europe.

The organization of a FMCS Meeting outside of North America aims to expand the membership, share research and data with international colleagues, and foster wider collaboration. It is under this perspective that we want to introduce the upcoming 2018 meeting in Italy – hopefully, the first of a series of FMCS-sponsored international meetings.

Deadline for early registration: 30 April;  abstract submission: June 30, 2018

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