Comunità Ambiente participated as a partner in the LifeWatch project since its preparatory phase, financed by a FP7 project. contributing to the definition of the structure, functions and costs of the Service Centre.

The active cooperation included, among others, the definition of the first services to be provided in the construction phase, the identification of the functions, management, and coordination of the back office, of the distributed service centers, the identification of funding opportunities, public and private, the definition of the tasks of the help desk, the priorities of communication and public relations tasks and the contents of user platforms.

Comunità Ambiente was also a partner in the European research project "Creative B", which was focused on the connection between LifeWatch and other research infrastructure on biodiversity and ecosystems outside Europe (Brazil, South Africa, China and the US) and the drawing up of a common roadmap for collaboration of research infrastructures in the world.

All the results of the above tasks were transferred to LifeWatch Italy.

Comunità Ambiente